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The entire series consists of 12 10-40 minute courses for your viewing pleasure. Following each course, you will be prompted to complete a short assessment (5-10 questions) on the information you just reviewed. Once all courses and assessments are complete, you will be asked to complete a short survey, to help provide feedback on our next series. Then, you will be granted access to a CME certificate worth 12 SVU CME.  


This series focuses on the critical thinking and quality improvement aspects, providing learners with applicable information to improve patient care.  Once the learner completes all tasks, they will be granted a certificate through the SVU worth 12 CME.  

Phlebology CME Series (SVU)

  • Upon purchase, we will receive notification and reach out to you via email within 24 hours.  You will receive a link via email to login to our Learning Management System, where you will have access to this series, and upon completion, the CME certificate.  Happy Learning!

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